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Force and Motion



Force and Motion

Science as a Human Endeavor
To learn more about the interests and accomplishments of diverse scientists and engineers, and how people with varied backgrounds contribute to and depend on the advancement of science and technology, visit the links below.

Ken Washington
Ken Washington is an engineer that currently serves as the vice president of research and advanced engineering at Ford Motor Company.

Lynett Rock
Lynett Rock is a math and physics teacher and the Division Chair of the Math and Science Department at Connors State College in Warner, Oklahoma.

Activity 1
Improving Car and Driver Safety

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducts tests and assigns safety ratings to vehicles. Click the link to learn more about how this organization determines which vehicles are safe.

Activity 2
Measuring and Graphing Speed

Extension 1
Click the link above to see how your class results compare to the results posted by other classes who did this activity.

Activity 3
Speed and Kinetic Energy

Roller Coaster Data
Analyze Roller Coaster Data to see if there are any relationships between speed and max height.

Activity 10
Interacting Objects

Swarms Of Tiny Sea Creatures Are Powerful Enough To Mix Oceans
Click the link to learn more about an example of Newton’s third law in nature.

Activity 15
Designing a Car and Driver Safety System

Click the link to learn about how one car company is using brain research to inform the design of safe vehicles.

Automotive Engineering
Click the link to learn more about what automotive engineers do and how to work toward a career in automotive engineering.

Safety Technology
Elsa Foley is an engineer at Nissan Motor Company. She worked on developing technology for cars to reduce the risk of hot car deaths.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
If you'd like to learn more about the science of car crashes or have more questions about the science of car crashes, click the link.