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Fields and Interactions



Fields and Interactions

Science as a Human Endeavor
To learn more about the interests and accomplishments of diverse scientists and engineers, and how people with varied backgrounds contribute to and depend on the advancement of science and technology, visit the links below.

Dan Ludois
Dan Ludois is a physicist who is working on a new electrostatic motor.

Sonia Tikoo
Sonia Tikoo is an assistant professor in Rutgers-New Brunswick's Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences where she studies the magnetic field of the Moon.

Carolina Eyck
Carolina Eyck is a professional musician whose main instrument is the theremin. Theremins, unlike most musical instruments, are controlled by changes to the electric field surrounding the theremin's two antennas. By simply moving her hand around the theremin, Carolina Eyck is able to change the pitch and volume of her theremin.

Activity 2
The Apollo Missions

NASA Footage of the Moon Landing
This video shows NASA astronauts landing and walking on the Moon for the first time in human history.

Spin-off Technologies
This page has 15 technologies that were developed by NASA engineers and scientists during the Apollo Missions.

Activity 8
Static Electricity

Balloons and Static Electricity
This simulation shows how the distribution of electric charges can cause phenomena related to static electricity.

Activity 10
Visualizing an Electric Field

Charges and Electric Fields
This simulation maps electric fields that result from electric charges.

Activity 11
Electric Field Transporter

Electric Field Transporter
Engineer a transporter that hovers due to electric field interactions using this simulation.