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Investigating Wastewater: Solutions and Pollution

Investigating Waste Water Book Cover

Investigating Wastewater: Solutions and Pollution is a SEPUP module designed for use in grades 7–12. The module contains a series of 10 activities that provide approximately 3 weeks of instruction.

This module focuses on concepts such as solubility, precipitation, acids, and bases. Students are introduced to a scenario involving wastewater disposal into a local lake. They make mixtures, investigate solutions, and neutralize acids and bases. They begin to identify the properties of water that make it such a useful solvent. Students then design and test a plan to treat acidic wastewater. They are assessed on their ability to design and conduct investigations.

Each module includes a Teacher’s Guide containing reproducible student pages and a kit containing the equipment required to conduct the activities with five classes of 32 students. The Teacher’s Guide provides specific strategies to facilitate and assess student learning.