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Ecological Footprint Survey Questions UPDATE  

Since SGI was published, the organization that developed the ecological footprint calculator used in Activity 4 has begun charging for use. There are now two options.
Option 1: Pay as described below to continue to use the original recommended footprint calculator.
This calculator is more detailed and the best fit for the SGI Sustainability Unit. The fees are described on the homepage of the survey at However, because the footprint developers realize that the calculator is used extensively by educators, they have posted a notice addressed to teachers and administrators who may not be able to afford the fees. If your school is unable to cover the new charge, check out their suggestion quoted here.

CSE has been hosting free of charge since 2008, but to date has received no financial support from donors, foundations, governments, universities, and educators to maintain it. We are a very small non-profit with 1-3 staff and operate mostly on a volunteer basis. Earlier this fall, we requested donations for the quiz in a pop-up box that appeared on the home page but were unsuccessful. We have sent out e-mail promotions asking for help but received essentially no response. We asked educators using the quiz to contact us and take out licenses for its use but have received no response. The costs for operating the site are significant, and include server and hosting fees, many hours of maintenance and updating each month, responding to inquiries, and other costs. These have been paid for out of the pockets of volunteers and staff so far, but we can no longer afford to do this.
The subscription requirement is being implemented now as a method of last resort to keep the site alive. Because this site is an important feature in your curricula, we hope you can support it. Please subscribe and have your student subscribe as well. The $1-$10 fees are trivial in comparison to other costs students regularly pay, so we hope you agree this is not an unreasonable burden. If you still feel like the fee is too burdensome, then let us suggest that you as the educator take out a $10 subscription for the year. You can share your logins and passwords with as many students as you like and they can access the quiz simultaneously. But please let us know that you are doing this. Also, we would like to collaborate with as many educators as possible on environmental education funding opportunities for the quiz so we can eliminate the subscription option as soon as possible. If you know of donors or foundations that may provide support, please contact us and we can work with you to explore these options. Many thanks.
–Center for Sustainable Economy

Option 2: Use an alternative calculator that is free.
If paying to support the calculator is still not a possibility, use the free ecological calculator developed by the Global Footprint Network. This calculator is less detailed, but will address the main points of the activity. Alternative Student Book and Teacher Guide pages that correspond with this calculator can be found here.