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Chemicals, Health, Environment and Me (CHEM2)

Chemicals, Health, Environment and Me (CHEM2) Book Cover

Chemicals, Health, Environment and Me (CHEM2) is a supplementary science curriculum consisting of fifteen units. Each unit contains 3–5 activities, providing a total of approximately 15 weeks of science instruction. It is designed to help fourth, fifth, or sixth-graders learn:

  • science concepts related to chemicals, health, and the environment.
  • how to collect, process, and analyze information.
  • how to use scientific evidence in decision-making.

Each of the fifteen units begins with a CHEM Dilemm, a cartoon-style drawing which engages students and allows them to express their preconceptions. Students then conduct a series of hands-on investigations using student pages and laboratory equipment. Student pages also include questions and reading.

Each CHEM-2 program includes:

  • A Teacher’s Guide containing reproducible student pages
  • A Kit containing the equipment required to conduct the activities with a class of 32 students.

The Teacher’s Guide provides specific strategies to facilitate discussion and assess student learning after each activity. It also includes materials to help teachers integrate science with other subjects in the elementary curriculum.