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Resources unit is part of SEPUP's Issues and Science three-year Middle School program. Each unit of the program incorporates science and engineering concepts and practices with current issues.



Activity 2
World Resource Consumption

Global Consumption Database
This World Bank database provides searchable data, tables, and charts on household consumption patterns in developing countries.

Our World in Data
University of Oxford economist Max Roser provides a global history of topics such population, food, and energy using empirical data and interactive graphs and maps.

Activity 3
Properties of Natural Resources

Double Refraction in Calcite
View this Youtube video segment on double refraction in the mineral calcite.

Fluorescent Minerals
Information and photos about the minerals and rocks that "glow" under ultraviolet light. The site is primarily authored by Dr. Hobart King, a retired geologist.

Activity 7
Geological Processes

SEPUP Plate Motion Simulation
This SEPUP plate motion simulation is used in the SEPUP’s middle school Geological Processes unit. It models the movement of plates at divergent, convergent, and transform boundaries over a period of 10 years to 20 million years. If you're using an older browser and experiencing difficulties with this simulation, you may view it in Flash.

Activity 11
Fossils Through Time

Geological Time Scale
Find the latest thinking about the geological time scale and its divisions at the Geological Society of America’s site.

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