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Activity 1
Joe's Situation

Video: How Do Your Genes Fit?
Acclaimed video from the National Marfan Foundation that teaches young people about inheritance and genetic disorders and an appreciation for human diversity.

Activity 3

Cloning Fact Sheet
Find out more about cloning from the Human Genome Project’s Cloning Fact Sheet.

Click and Clone
Use this interactive cloning simulation to clone a mouse!

Activity 4
Gene Combo

Click here to see how your class results compare to the results posted by other classes who did this activity.

Activity 5
Gene Squares

What Does Genetic Mean?
Find out more about genetics and heredity including additional Punnett Square practice on this site from Athro, Limited.

Activity 6
Mendel, First Geneticist

National Marfan Foundation
Keep updated on the latest research on Marfan syndrome and its treatment on the National Marfan Foundation site.

Your Genes, Your Health: What is Marfan Syndrome?
Watch videos on what it’s like to have Marfan’s syndrome and learn more about the condition. Site maintained by the Dolan DNA Learning Center, a public science center and a division of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, a molecular genetics research center.

Activity 7
Do Genes Determine Everything

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Activity 8
Show Me the Genes!

Cell Reproduction
Watch an animation of cell reproduction in an onion root from this University of Arizona website.

How Cells Divide
Compare the differences between sexual and asexual cell reproduction on this website from NOVA.

A Mutation Story
Are mutations helpful or harmful? View a five minute video on a mutation in West Africa that prevents malaria but lead to sickle cell anemia. Needs RealPlayer or Quicktime video.

Cell Reproduction
Watch an interactive animation of cell mitosis from the Cells Alive! website.

More Cell Reproduction
Watch an interactive animation of cell meiosis from the Cells Alive! website.

Activity 14
Advising Joe

What is Genetic Testing?
Genetic tests use a variety of laboratory techniques to determine if a person has or is likely to get a genetic disease. Learn about the different types of genetic testing as well as legal, ethical, and social issues involved in genetic testing.

Medline Plus Health Information: Genetic Testing/Counseling
Information, news, and research on genetic testing and genetics at a site produced by the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.

Aditional Websites on DNA and Human Genetics

Human Genome Project Information
Find out about the goals, progress, and other issues associated with the Human Genome Project at their site.

Zoom Into DNA
This site, from the Tech Museum in San Jose, CA, contains a series of photos which show the relative size of DNA.

DNA Fingerprinting Simulation
Make your own simulated DNA fingerprint on this interactive site from NOVA.

Genetics Websites
Links to many different sources of information about genetics can be found at the Access Excellence’s National Health Museum Resource Center site.

Understanding Genetics
Learn more about ethics and genetics as well as some of the current topics in this newsletter from the Tech Museum in San Jose, CA.

Learn more about current topics and research in genetics on this site from the University of Utah.

Personal DNA Testing
Watch a 12 minute video about the pros and cons of personal DNA testing from NOVA. Find out how it is done and what information the results reveal.

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