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Cover Image for the Energy Unit showing a large solar heater.

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Activity 3
Roller Coaster Energy

Roller Coaster Model Interactive
At this site you can create your own roller coaster and observe energy transformations as the roller coaster travels along the track.

Design a Roller Coaster
At this site you can participate in a short project to create your own roller coaster. Then you can have it evaluated for "safety" and "fun" scores.

Energy Skate Park Basics
Learn about conservation of energy with a skater gal! Explore different tracks and view the kinetic energy, potential energy and friction as she moves. Build your own tracks, ramps, and jumps for the skater.

Activity 15
Improving Home Energy Efficiency

US Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
This site developed by the United States Department of Energy's explains more about making your home energy-efficient.

Smarter House
Learn about how to plan energy improvements for your house or dorm room. This site includes a Home Energy Checklist and how to get an Energy Audit.

Home Energy Saver
Enter your zip code on this site to calculate how you and your family can save energy in the area in which you live.

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